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Our Services

Our Services

Glaven Tech Engineering puts a smile on your face….

At Glaven Tech Engineering, solutions to businesses and housholds is our priority. With innovation and technoprenuership, we provide a hub of solutions to all your problems and needs.

We satisfy all your industrial, commercial and household needs in aluminium & steel, prefabricated structures as well as solar systems engineering. With our engineers, project management and quality control team, we take your project from concept to design and reality.

Aluminium & Steel Structures

We pride ourselves in all your related aluminium fittings and steel structural works, which are done with the utmost diligence, precision and safety increasing the value of your property as well as a safe working and living environment. With different type of designs to suit your need, Glaven offer you the advice on how you can align your needs, solving any problem at hand with the best solution from our shop fitters and draughtsman.

The service ranges from:

Aluminium Office partitioning, sliding and folding, hinged/swing doors, sliding doors, Shower cubicles,Windows sections,Mantrap Booths

Steel workshop and factory units, chromadeck structures, service stations, steel sheds and any steel structures

Prefabricated Concrete Structures

Glaven tech supplies and installs precast concrete building structures. Glaven Tech has the proven industry experience of customised service through the provision of prefabricated concrete solutions from the design, supply and construction of various prefabricated concrete structures, through to planning, mobilization, manufacturing, constructing and maintaining your structures. Amalgamated with quality prefabricated concrete materials and a commitment to construction excellence, Glaven Tech provides a single-source solution for a broad variety temporary or permanent structures, including:

Perimeter wall,Offices and satellite clinics,Staff quarters, cottages and accommodation units,Classroom and church blocks.

Solar Systems Engineering

Energy Audits: Glaven Tech gathers preliminary data on climatic and environmental conditions, irradiation levels and available roof or ground area. A comprehensive energy audit and analysis is done that ascertains your current energy consumption and power requirements, and advice on efficient energy solutions that optimize your power consumption.

Site Assessments: Glaven Tech employs its industry specific knowledge with its engineers to evaluate all the physical aspects of the site from what the ideal location of the solar system would be to ensure optimal performance as well as longevity. 

System Design: We do a scope of work and systems design, to populate your system with numerous configurations considered to ensure performance guaranteeing system. 

System Installation and commissioning: Glaven Tech utilizes the best possible equipment and the constructed design to achieve the greatest efficiency to effectively install the system. Our in-house team of electricians and technicians  installs, commissions and validates the system under an experienced and qualified engineer. 

System Monitoring and Maintenance: Glaven Tech  monitors and maintains already installed systems through trouble-shooting, fault finding and repair of the solar system.